Salaries for HIT Professionals Increase

Salary-wise, 2013 was a good year to be a HIT professional.

Over two-thirds of respondents to an annual compensation survey of healthcare IT workers said their pay increased last year by an average of 4.16%.

Executive managers in HIT saw the biggest boost with an average increase of 6.10%. Senior management was next in line with a reported average increase of 4.82%.

The survey, conducted by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), targeted the organization’s entire membership. A total of 1,160 responses were received.

The average salary of a HIT professional, according to HIMSS is $113,269. Variables that can affect average annual pay include experience and seniority, skillset, region and the size and type of employer.

On average, those working for a for-profit/private organization received the highest raise, in terms of percent of their salary — 4.79%, while those working for the government reported receiving the lowest salary increase — 2.22%.

IT workers at small ambulatory facilities (with 10 or less physicians) scored the lowest average salary ­— $79,482 — but got the biggest raise last year, averaging 7.98%.

Consultant Salaries Rise
HIT staff at consulting firms reported the second-highest salaries and salary increases. The average salary for HIT consulting professionals is $141,818.

Bonuses also increased total compensation for nearly half of those surveyed, with 46.8% reported receiving a bonus.

With healthcare job growth projected to remain strong and HIT professionals in high demand, 2014 is a good time to consider a job change, according to Carter Torrey, a talent acquisition advisor with Healthcare IT Leaders. If you are in the market for a new full-time or contract role in the New Year, simply submit a resume for immediate consideration.