How to Be the Most Organized Person in the World [Infographic]

Still pursuing that New Year's resolution? The number one New Year's resolution is losing weight, but the second most popular resolution is getting organized, according to a survey by the University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology.

It makes sense - if you were organized, you'd be less distracted, feel less stress and even be a better employee. A Huffington Post article says the average office employee spends an hour and a half looking for things, totaling six weeks per year. Put together, Americans spend nine million hours searching for something they've lost.

The infographic below has tips for how to organize your computer, apps, email, social media and electronic information, as well as how to control clutter in your home and office. Whether you've fallen off the resolution bandwagon or are just looking to become a better employee, roommate or spouse in 2014, you'll love these tips.

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