How One Big Backpack Can Actually Lighten the Load

Last week, as part of our Cares Program, Healthcare IT Leaders' staff built 25 backpacks for Backpack Love, an organization that identifies hungry children in the Hall County (Georgia) school system and discretely provides them with three dinners, two lunches, two breakfasts and two snacks (enough meals for the weekend) for a family of five.

Why Backpack Love? So kids won’t be embarrassed that they’re taking home food, the food is put in a backpack and given to them by their school counselor at the end of the day on Fridays. Here's how our building 25 backpacks went:

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Our company donated the backpacks, and our staff brought in food to fill them up - beans, rice, canned vegetables, fruit and meat, boxed dinners, instant oatmeal, breakfast pastries, granola bars, pasta and pasta sauce.

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Our employees each manned a station, and we passed the backpacks around, assembly-line style, until each were filled with meals and snacks.

The Backpack Love program is active in every elementary, middle and high school in Hall County, as well as some schools in other parts of the Atlanta metro area. This is our second year donating to this program, and we plan to go for even more backpacks next year as we continue to grow.

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