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5 Top Takeaways from Tech Workforce Surveys

You can learn a lot about the IT community by just asking a few questions.  Like how much money they earn, what they like about their jobs, and whether their employers are hiring. The answers to these types of questions (and more) can be found in some recent annual surveys from leading tech websites and […]

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5 Reasons Why Healthcare IT Workers Switch Jobs

Nearly half of IT employees at a hospital would like to work for their current employer until retirement, according to a 2013 Towers-Watson survey. But the reality of today's HIT job market is one of greater volatility, with most HIT workers open to new opportunities under certain circumstances. In our own survey of HIT full-time […]

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Healthcare IT Consultants Are… Happy!

“I’m a hot-air balloon that could go to space,” sings Pharrell Williams in his mega-hit, “Happy.” That’s a feeling shared by many healthcare IT consultants these days who are riding sky-high on a surplus of challenging projects and ever-increasing pay rates. In our first-ever survey measuring engagement and job-seeking trends among HIT professionals, consultant satisfaction, […]

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