5 Tips for Navigating a Group Interview

One-on-one interviews can be scary enough, but interviewing with a group seated across the table from you brings up thoughts of police department interrogations on TV crime dramas. Forget the single lightbulb overhead in the stark white room; in reality, group interviews are efficient opportunities for multiple, varied employee stakeholders to ask questions about and […]

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Healthcare IT News: 2015 EHR Satisfaction Survey [Infographic]

In its 2015 EHR Satisfaction Survey, Healthcare IT News polled IT management, physicians and clinician end-users who are actively involved with their EHRs, who work in hospital, health system and ambulatory settings, to find out how well their EHRs really work. Healthcare IT News wanted to find the answers to these questions and more: How interoperable is the […]

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5 Productivity Hacks for Remote IT Workers

You got the job—and the hiring manager says you can work at home. Win-win, right? Eh, maybe. Remote IT workers can be more productive and engaged than their office-bound peers, and they may even make more money, according to a recent survey of developers. But stay-at-home work isn’t for everyone. One large-scale study of remote workers […]

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Healthcare IT Leaders Announces the 2015 Best Healthcare IT Blogs

National Health IT Week kicks off next week, and we can’t think of a better way to look forward to it than by catching up on all the latest health IT news – and all the ways to find it. In honor of the 10th anniversary of National Health IT Week Oct. 5-9, we’re announcing our […]

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The 18 Most Bizarre ICD-10 Codes [Infographic]

While the ICD-10 implementation deadline has changed a few times, the ICD-10 code itself is set - and quite specific. If you go to the hospital because of, say, a sea lion bite, a fall into a prison swimming pool or a nasty library injury, you're covered in coding terms, as there's a code for […]

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6 Simple Steps to Prevent a HIPAA Breach

Hospital employees who peek at high-profile patient medical records out of curiosity may not-so-curiously find themselves out of a job. At least one hospital sent a strong message recently and might serve as an example, when 14 of Carilion Clinic’s (Roanoke, Va.) employees were found to have accessed a high-profile patient’s medical records “without a […]

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Survey: Health Systems Lack Strategy to Analyze Big Data

Though many health system stakeholders agree that understanding healthcare analytics can help organizations improve quality of care and reduce costs, they are still defining their enterprise-level big data analytics strategies and investments, according to a new Deloitte survey. The 2015 U.S. Hospital and Health System Analytics Survey, which targeted health systems with revenue of $500 million […]

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