5 Hot Lawson Skills for Health IT

In 2011, Infor acquired Lawson, an enterprise business management suite for financial management, human capital, management, procurement and analysis, but the demand for Infor Lawson skills is heating up now. The good news for consultants? Many Lawson roles do not require certifications, but do call for several years of experience with specific modules. If you're […]

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Our Staff Shares: The Spookiest Thing That Ever Happened to Me

"It's the most... spoo-oo-ooky time... of the year..." Sure, Halloween brings up thoughts of black cats, witches, ghosts and ghouls, but it turns out the rest of the year can be pretty scary, too. Our staff shared with us the spookiest thing that ever happened to them, from encounters with creepy creatures to brushes with death […]

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8 Easy Tips to Improve Your Resume

Our recruiters see hundreds of resumes a week, and they generally make the same improvements to them over and over again. After you've cleared your resume of glaring mistakes, eliminated unnecessary words and used power words throughout, clean up even more with the eight tips below to improve your resume. Use numbers. For IT consulting […]

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Nearly 75% of Patients Comfortable with State HIE Systems

Nearly three-quarters (73%) of patients feel “very” or “moderately comfortable” with an electronic version of their health records being immediately accessible online by any authorized health care provider in their state, says a new survey from Software Advice. The survey polled 583 U.S. health consumers and interviewed experts to understand patient support for interoperability, their perceptions of […]

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HIPAA Security Breaches Cost $24 Million On Average [Infographic]

Any data breach is ultimately expensive. But a HIPAA data breach? That'll cost your organization the big bucks. With data breaches expected to reach $2.1 trillion globally by 2019, which is four times the expected cost for cyber crime in 2015, healthcare organizations must be prepared for security breaches. The infographic below from Privacy Analytics […]

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The 20 Most Hilarious Resume and Cover Letter Mistakes

A disclaimer before you start reading this: None of the following resume and cover letter mistakes and hilarities comes from anything we have ever received. However, our recruiters and hiring managers would agree that resume and cover letter mistakes make them think twice about interviewing or hiring a candidate. So after you have a chuckle […]

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5 Tips for Navigating a Group Interview

One-on-one interviews can be scary enough, but interviewing with a group seated across the table from you brings up thoughts of police department interrogations on TV crime dramas. Forget the single lightbulb overhead in the stark white room; in reality, group interviews are efficient opportunities for multiple, varied employee stakeholders to ask questions about and […]

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