5 Bad Office Behaviors That May Be Holding You Back

From grade school to adulthood, in any social situation, you have to play nicely with others to forge relationships that get you ahead. Unless you’re working in an office alone, you must recognize different interoffice personality types and learn how to get along with a variety of levels within an organization.  Some businesses require all employees […]

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How Hospitals Are Using Apple HealthKit and ResearchKit

A year ago this month, Apple launched (after a few setbacks) its much anticipated HealthKit, a software development platform for building apps that collect and share personal health and fitness information across other apps via wearable or mobile devices, like an iPhone or Apple Watch. So far, it seems hospital IT groups have been putting the […]

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The Most Epic Tweets from Epic UGM 2015

Epic Systems' users, employees and consultants tuned in for the classic television-themed Epic Users Group Meeting (UGM) 2015 at Epic headquarters in Verona, Wis., Aug. 31 - Sept. 3, and ever-cognizant to the event's intentionally over-the-top theme, Epic UGM Tweeters had a lot to say about what they saw, heard, ate, learned - and witnessed CEO […]

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Salesforce Launches Salesforce Health Cloud

Today Salesforce introduced Health Cloud, its first industry product built specifically for healthcare. Salesforce Health Cloud is a cloud-based patient relationship management solution that enables providers to gain a complete view of the patient with integrated data from electronic medical records (EMRs), wearables and more; make smarter care decisions; engage with patients across their caregiver […]

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5 Characteristics of Great Health IT Consultants

With more than half of IT employers adding temporary or contract workers this year and the ICD-10 deadline looming, the competition to find great health IT consultants is fierce. It makes sense, as health IT consultants must have specialized skills, a thorough understanding of what it takes to work in a hospital setting and knowledge […]

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Interviewing 101: What to Do During the Interview

So you've set up an interview time, marked the date in your calendar and prepped for the interview. Now how do you do your best during the actual interview? The tips below from  Stanford University on what to do during the interview are the second part in our series on Interviewing 101. First impressions matter. […]

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20 Health IT Influencers to Watch

A few weeks ago, we released our eBook on the Top 50 Health IT Influencers on Twitter, a list of top-notch individuals talking about health IT on the regular. To comprise our list, we used a tool from SEO Moz called Followerwonk, which ranks an individual’s Social Authority, placing importance on how often a person is receiving […]

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