Healthcare IT Influencers: How to Be More Influential on Twitter

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to our list of the Top 50 Healthcare IT Influencers on Twitter, a compilation of the sharpest, most in-the-know healthcare IT experts Tweeting about the industry. These 50 individuals are hospital CIOs, health IT consultants, physicians, technology experts and healthcare professionals, authors, journalists and bloggers who will teach you about health IT community […]

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Mechatronics: How Electrical Engineers Are Impacting Healthcare [Infographic]

From portable pacemakers to 3-D printers that are revolutionizing a variety of surgeries, medical innovations from the partnership of doctors and electrical engineers have long impacted the health care industry. They're working together on mechatronics engineering (mechanics + electronics = mechatronics), a rapidly developing field of science and technology that combines precision engineering, electronic control […]

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How Your Attire and Attitude Can Cost You a Promotion

Your wardrobe and even your haircut may be holding you back from a promotion, says a new study from CareerBuilder on the physical and behavioral factors that can hurt employees’ career advancement. Provocative clothing, a disheveled appearance and an unprofessional haircut cause employers to think twice before promoting employees, and behaviors such as exhibiting a […]

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The 10 Weirdest Interview Questions of 2015

Just when job candidates are prepared for interviews, here come the interview zingers - curve ball questions that throw you off your normal interview trajectory and make you say, "Wait, what?" Most of the time, oddball interview questions aren't meant to derail you; they're intended to make you think creatively or to capture some aspect of your personality, […]

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Break Room Hacks to Maximize Your Productivity at Work [Infographic]

When most of us take a break at work, the last thing we think about is trying to be productive, unless efficiency at pouring coffee or cramming snacks into our mouths counts. But maybe we should change how we break - not for the sake of squeezing more out of our day, but for increased […]

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5 Tips to Prevent Software Glitches

So-called software glitches often take the blame when a major technology failure occurs. That was the case last Wednesday as the New York Stock Exchange halted trading for nearly four hours because of an “internal technical issue.” The shutdown came on the heels of “network connectivity issues” that grounded United Airlines flights earlier in the […]

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The Top 50 Healthcare IT Influencers on Twitter: A New eBook

It's not what you post on Twitter, it's what you learn that's valuable. With 500 million Tweets that go out every day, it's easy to find opinions, pictures, news and even random thoughts, and it can be enough to make your head spin. But when you cut through the noise, you can find real-time, relevant value in […]

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