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5 Ways To Actually Disconnect While On Vacation (Infographic)

In this tech-obsessed world, you’re always glued to at least one of your electronic devices. You’re constantly notified of an email, text, call, meeting—the list goes on. Even some fitness trackers now let you know when you’re receiving a phone call. While it’s imperative to stay in the loop during the workweek, you deserve some […]

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The Ultimate Guide to CHC18 — The Cerner Health Conference 2018

Cerner Health Conference

The Cerner Health Conference will take place in Kansas City from Oct 8-11th, bringing professional insight on the latest innovations in healthcare and information technology. This year’s conference, topping out at 90,000 square feet (bring comfortable shoes!), is packed with exciting features to help you stay ahead of the game and up to date on […]

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Packing and Travel Tips for Traveling Consultants [Infographic]

Travel tips for traveling consultants

Business travel can seem glamorous, but when you are at the airport week in and week out, the road definitely loses some of its luster. Experts say creating a repeatable travel routine and making efficient use of your time can significantly reduce your travel stress.  Most of our consultants travel for work and many of […]

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Receipt Management Apps Speed Consultant Expense Reporting

As a HIT consultant and road warrior, organizational skills are a key to your success. But one of your simplest organizing tasks can also be one of the most vexing:  receipt management. No one likes completing expense reports. It’s a job that is made that much more frustrating by the daily accumulation of receipts of […]

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Traveling Consultants Should Have a Plan for Flight Delays

Winter weather wreaked havoc on travel this past week with two major blizzards causing flight delays across the Northeast. Such delays can be a source of frustration and anxiety, but they shouldn’t be a surprise to well-traveled consultants, many of whom fly weekly. Over the course of a year, almost a third of all flights are […]

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