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The Top 5 San Diego Neighborhoods for Professionals

As the eighth-largest city in the United States, San Diego is a hub for culture, business and finance. It’s the kind of place professionals are drawn to, as it has great weather, pristine beaches and great neighborhoods to call home. If you’re interested in living and working in San Diego, you’re in luck – not […]

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Why Is It ALWAYS Sunny in San Diego?

It’s no secret that San Diego has great weather, but with our hiring for dozens of Epic jobs in San Diego, the career outlook in San Diego is sunny as well. The city has been named to the list of 10 Best Weather Cities from the Farmer’s Almanac and the Best Climate for Summer Weather by […]

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8 Surprising Facts About San Diego

We're hiring for dozens of Epic full-time and contract roles in San Diego, but if all you know about this Southern California gem is that it has a zoo and it’s ever-so-slightly north of the Mexico border, maybe it’s time to revisit what comprises this city of 1.3 million residents. Climate, culture and career collide […]

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