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Changing Careers: How to Transition from Clinician to Health IT Professional

While building out my team of Epic trainers at a past implementation, one of my best hires was a Nursing Manager from inside the organization. She had no formal background in software training, but her clinical knowledge and understanding of nursing workflows, combined with her natural communication and teaching skills, made her an outstanding trainer. […]

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Our 15 Most Popular Posts About Epic Systems

We know your time is limited, so maybe you haven’t read every post we’ve ever written about Epic Systems. That's okay because our most popular, most shared, and most read posts about Epic are now all in one place—right here. Enjoy this Epic compilation. How to Become Epic Certified In healthcare IT circles, Epic certification […]

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How to Become CHCIO Certified

How to Become CHCIO certified

As a career choice, the role of healthcare CIO has become more challenging—and more rewarding. “It has definitely evolved over the past decade,” says George McCulloch Jr., the Executive Vice President for Professional Development and Membership at the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME). McCulloch, himself a former hospital IT executive, says the job […]

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5 Ways Epic Consultants Can Boost Their Marketability

While jobs for Epic consultants in Radiant, Cupid, Beaker and Beacon modules are in high demand right now, all Epic consultants, no matter their certification, can boost their marketability. Epic’s market share is up and large implementation projects are ongoing across the U.S., but there is still plenty of competition for individual roles on a […]

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5 Things to Look Forward to at HIMSS16

While the first HIMSS conference debuted in 1962 with only 54 attendees (and the exhibition didn’t debut until 1983 with ten exhibitors), the present-day HIMSS Conference and Exhibition draws in a lot more healthcare IT industry interest. The conference, held Feb. 29 – March 4 in Las Vegas, Nev., will have more than 500 speakers […]

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4 Hot IT Certifications for HIT Professionals

We receive daily inquiries from healthcare IT professionals and prospective consultants who want to learn more about Epic certification. Given Epic’s predominant market share and growth, it’s easy to understand why so many covet this badge of Epic expertise. But EMR-specific technical skills, while highly desirable, are by no means the only information technology needs […]

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Boost Your Career With Epic Certifications in These Related Modules

So you’re already Epic certified in one software module, and you’re staying relevant in your current role. But if you want to boost your job-hunting prowess and become a more marketable consultant for future employers, consider receiving Epic training in a module related to one you already know. To become Epic certified in an additional […]

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