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How Many Epic Trainers Will You Need For Your Implementation?

Resource planning for an Epic implementation is a tremendous undertaking and estimating the “right” number of Epic trainers required for organizational success is a common challenge. Epic Systems guides all of its customers on resource planning and their tools for gauging customer training needs are simple to use and provide a good baseline number as […]

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Use Town Halls to Engage, Inform Prior to EHR Go-Live

There are plenty of ways to share information across a large healthcare organization during an EHR implementation. One of the most effective, in my experience, are Town Hall meetings where users can ask questions and hear directly from leadership about the status and goals of the implementation. When done well, Town Halls should result in […]

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EHR Training for Healthcare Providers: 5 Tips for Success

It’s a paradox of EHR training:  healthcare providers—those who will arguably use the system the most—often have the least amount of time to learn the system in advance of Go-Live. Of course, everyone in a hospital is busy, but those giving care—physicians, PAs, NPs and other clinicians—are especially busy. Their schedules can be unorthodox (i.e., […]

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