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Is Your Health IT Job Making You Gain Weight?

Out with the days of factory work and assembly lines, in with the desk jobs and computers. If you’re an IT consultant, you may spend many hours sitting at a desk, reviewing lines of code, programming new computer systems and testing for software bugs – but what you probably aren’t doing is moving around a […]

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for HIT Consultants

The New Year promises plenty of new job opportunities for healthcare IT professionals. January is also a great time for job seekers to set goals for personal and professional improvement. Whether you want to kick old, bad habits to the curb, or learn new skills that improve your marketability, our resolutions for HIT consultants will […]

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Stay HIT fit during travel assignments

HIT consulting certainly has its perks – new challenges, locations and environments – but some consultants may have trouble staying healthy while traveling. Unfamiliar territory and long hours often mean you might be too tired to look for a gym, and the only exercise you have in mind is to fall exhaustedly into your hotel […]

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