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What is a Consultant Advisor?

  "Everybody knows what a recruiter is," says Christine Woods. "What makes us different at Healthcare IT Leaders is that we are Consultant Advisors." Okay. But just what is a Consultant Advisor? "It's someone who is going to build a relationship with a candidate and help ensure his or her success," explains Justin Couch, Director […]

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How to Ace Problem-Solving Interview Questions

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What would you tell a recruiter who asks you to describe a situation where you had to solve a difficult problem? If you don't know how to respond quickly and confidently to the scenario above, then you have some work to do before your next interview. Problem-solving questions are becoming more commonplace, especially in consulting interviews. […]

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Why You Should Never Ghost On A Job Interview

With a strong job market, candidates have more options than they have in years. But these options are resulting in candidates taking a few missteps. According to a recent report by USA Today, many candidates “ghost” their first interview, or don’t show up for it. That means no call, no show. USA Today also reports […]

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