Tour Our Healthcare IT Leaders Office

Welcome to Healthcare IT Leaders! We pride ourselves on our cool office setting in Alpharetta, Ga., so we wanted to invite you to take a look around to see where we work, what energizes us and how we blow off steam with a little playtime. We've been named One of the Best Places to Work […]

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Ask the Healthcare IT Recruiter: 7 Tips to Help You Ace Your Phone Interview

Our healthcare IT recruiters receive lots of resumes and conduct hundreds of phone interviews per year, so they’re experts at knowing what and what not to do when you’re on the phone with someone interviewing you for a job. Whether you’re considering a new career as a healthcare IT consultant or just want to change […]

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Improve EHR Adoption by Starting at the Beginning

Recent headlines tell us physicians lag in EHR adoption and I expect that we will see that headline repeated for a while. But in the midst of our country’s unprecedented investment in eHealth, we're also learning how to do things right, and I do think best practices are emerging to lessen the EHR adoption curve for […]

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4 Differences Between Epic-Certified Consulting and Full-Time Employment

Full-time information technology professionals transitioning to Epic-certified consultant work may wonder what they’re getting themselves into. One work lifestyle doesn’t necessarily outweigh the other, though each has clear benefits and pitfalls. What’s right for you depends on your personality, family situation, skill set and career goals. Weigh your options by considering the four major differences […]

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Infographic: What’s Possible for Health Care With EHR

The adoption of electronic health records, or EHR, in U.S. hospitals and physicians groups promises a uniform system of tracking patients' charts, X-rays and medical history. But what else is possible with advances in healthcare records? For starters, clinicians and patients will have real-time access to medical records and should be able to streamline administrative […]

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Help Wanted: Solutions for the HIT Hiring Crisis

Find solutions for your HIT hiring questions and register now for an expert webinar presented by Towers Watson and Healthcare IT Leaders. During the “Help Wanted: Solutions for the Hit Hiring Crisis” webinar, airing at 1 p.m. EDT June 5, CIOs, CMIOs, IT and EMR project personnel, hospital human resources and HIT hiring personnel will discover […]

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How to Track Down Your Childhood Immunization Records

Those applying for a healthcare IT job might be surprised to discover that for a hospital to hire you, you must provide a copy of your childhood immunization records. True, some healthcare IT jobs won’t be bedside, but hospitals must maintain a sterile environment and avoid outbreaks against the major childhood diseases. Unfortunately, there is […]

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