Big Data’s True Promise: Better and More Individualized Care

At a recent HIMSS conference in Washington on big data and analytics, I found myself vividly remembering two young college students, covered in black and blue blotches and desperately struggling to live. It was years ago on a beautiful Saturday morning in June, in a college town drawn from a Saturday Evening Post cover and […]

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EHR Adoption Means Growth, Challenges for Healthcare IT Organizations

Record-breaking EHR adoption is fueling unprecedented growth in health IT, but hospitals are also putting the brakes on some IT initiatives because of staff shortages, according to two reports released this week. In 2012, some 44 percent of hospitals reported having a basic electronic health record system, up 17 percentage points from 2011, according to […]

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Need to Hire For Healthcare IT Jobs? View This Expert Webinar

With 2/3 of health care employers reporting difficulties recruiting experienced IT workers for healthcare IT jobs (a number that rises to 73 percent for Epic-certified consultants), IT departments face unprecedented hiring challenges. This webinar, recorded June 5th 2013, features solutions to the HIT hiring crisis from Towers Watson, a leading global professional services firm and Healthcare […]

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Ask the Recruiter: 5 Ways to Adjust to Your New Epic Consultant Assignment

No one likes to be the new person in the building, but if you let a new job teach you to become a better consultant and coworker, you’ll feel at home before you know it. Plus, setting a good example about workplace adjustments might change the outlook of everyone around you, according to careers expert […]

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Epic Ambulatory Jobs Lead ‘White Hot’ Epic Market

Certified Epic Ambulatory consultants are in highest demand in today’s hospital IT job market, according to Healthcare IT Leaders. Our analysis of client job requests since 2012 shows one out of every 10 jobs posted to our website is an Epic Ambulatory job. The next five most requested roles are also typically part of a […]

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Tour Our Healthcare IT Leaders Office

Welcome to Healthcare IT Leaders! We pride ourselves on our cool office setting in Alpharetta, Ga., so we wanted to invite you to take a look around to see where we work, what energizes us and how we blow off steam with a little playtime. We've been named One of the Best Places to Work […]

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Ask the Healthcare IT Recruiter: 7 Tips to Help You Ace Your Phone Interview

Our healthcare IT recruiters receive lots of resumes and conduct hundreds of phone interviews per year, so they’re experts at knowing what and what not to do when you’re on the phone with someone interviewing you for a job. Whether you’re considering a new career as a healthcare IT consultant or just want to change […]

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